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Design accessories for hotels and restaurants

We offer you hundreds of practical accessories and stylish decorations that can be used in restaurant and hotel lounges as well as in individual guest rooms. In this catalogue you will find busts, statues, candlesticks, vases or bowls. These are stylish and high-quality products from dozens of European brands such as SLIDE, ADRIANI E ROSSI, PLUST or MYYOUR. You can choose both modern designer pieces and timeless home accessories in many combinations of colours and materials. Do you need advice on choosing hotel accessories? We will be happy to help you directly in our showroom in Prague!

Make it easy for you to find your way around our extensive range of design decorations and accessories for hotels and restaurants! Use our sophisticated search filter. Use it to quickly and easily search for hotel accessories and decorations by colour, price range, material, manufacturer and other specifications. We also recommend you consult our architect in person about choosing stylish accessories and decorations for your hotel or restaurant.

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