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Quality children's beds for small and larger

In our catalogue, you'll discover classic and growing baby beds that adapt as your baby grows. Choose the right crib from renowned European manufacturers such as ČILEK, MAGIS, PALI or NIDI. There are designer c ribs for lovers of fast cars, pirate ships and planes, and beds for girls who like romantic interiors. You will also find elegant beds suitable for a student's room. We offer children's beds in a variety of sizes that are suitable for children from the age of two. Some of the children's beds in our e-shop also provide a place for children' s friends to sleep thanks to a pull-out mattress. We also have children's bunk beds that save space if the children share the same room. We'll be happy to help you choose a children's bed right in our showroom in Prague!

Our sophisticated filter makes it easy to navigate our extensive portfolio of designer children's beds. You can easily search for children's beds by colour, material, price range, manufacturer and other specifications. You can also consult our architect in person about your choice ofchildren's bed.

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