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Quality office and acoustic screens

Screens from leading European manufacturers NARBUTAS, CAIMI BREVETTI, SLIDE or REXITE are available in various sizes and colours. Do you need to soundproof your office and physically separate individual workstations? Office screens and partitions are the ideal solution. In modern open plan offices there is increased noise due to the large number of workers who have less privacy to carry out their work. Acoustic office screens can absorb excess ambient noise. A well-designed interior has a positive effect on the ability to concentrate on work and performance. The offered office screens can easily match any office interior. We offer desktop office screens that divide the workspace, soundproof it and serve as a complementary work surface. Standing office screens visually divide the open space and soundproof the work area. Dividers divide the open space into separate rooms or cubicles. We will be happy to help you with the selection directly in our showroom in Prague!

Are you lost in the extensive range of screens and dividers? A sophisticated filter will make your job easier. You can quickly and conveniently search for screens and dividers by colour, material, price range, manufacturer and other specifications. We also recommend that you consult our architect in person about your choice of screen or partition.

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