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Quality office furniture NARBUTAS

In our catalogue you will find innovative and design furniture suitable for office spaces from the Lithuanian brand NARBUTAS. It can help you furnish a large open space or coworking centre, as well as smaller startup headquarters or even a home office. Fixed and height-adjustable desks, ergonomic working and meeting chairs, storage spaces in the form of cabinets and containers, seating furniture for the relaxation zone, all this can be chosen in a wide range of colours and materials. In addition to top design and quality, the modern factory also specialises in sustainability and acoustic solutions. Panels, screens, acoustic furniture or phone booths take care of sound and visual comfort and privacy. Need advice on choosing office furniture and accessories? We would be happy to welcome you in our showroom in Prague!

Search for office furniture from NARBUTAS brand easily and quickly. We have prepared for you our unique ALAX filter! With it you can conveniently select pieces by colour, material, price range and other specifications. We also recommend that you consult our architect personally about the selection of stylish office furniture and accessories. Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange an appointment.

Innovative office interiors of today

The days of austere, impersonal and uniform office spaces are long gone and new corporate cultures demand progressive solutions full of variety, mobility and practicality. NARBUTAS furniture and technical gadgets support teamwork, facilitate presentations and meetings, but on the other hand also provide privacy. The mental and physical health of employees should be a top priority, and the highly advanced models offer maximum comfort thanks to a range of gadgets to help achieve these goals. Height-adjustable desks for sitting and standing work, ergonomic chairs for desk and meeting room work, built-in power sockets or USB power directly in the furniture all make work easier and more productive. For example, you will also find SILENT ROOM phone booths in several sizes that simulate a room within a room and become a haven for video calls and meetings. A huge range of wall-mounted, hanging and floor-standing acoustic panels or desk screens create the perfect sound comfort. For a dynamic office full of possibilities, you will appreciate multifunctional furniture. If you're looking for a true specialist in furnishing any size office, put everything on one card. NARBUTAS will never let you down.

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