The Green Walls

The concept of greenery in private and commercial interiors is becoming increasingly popular. Today's market offers many options and possibilities to integrate harmonising elements into buildings. And because individual preferences vary, Alax offers natural and semi-natural green walls and other options. Czech company Jungle interiors is an expert in incorporating the maximum amount of living plants even in a small area. They take care of the design, implementation and aftercare of green walls and columns. Plants bring a lot of benefits. They help purify the air, they absorb sound, and the sight of them calms and brings optimism. The Italian company ILA, on the other hand, specialises in semi-natural flora. The design is so realistic that you can't tell at first glance that the flowers are not real. They need no watering, no trimming and never die. In both cases, the design and selection of the individual elements is tailored to the space. There are no limits to creativity!

Living Green Walls Jungle Interior

Semi-natural greenery Ila


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Live interior walls Jungle Interiors 

The harmonising greenery of living plants can turn any environment into an oasis of calm. In recent years, natural elements have increasingly found their way into commercial and work spaces. They not only raise the aesthetic value of the interior, but also bring a number of benefits. And Jungle Interiors, a Czech company with more than 20 years of experience, is a specialist in green walls and columns. It takes care of design, implementation and aftercare. The history of Jungle Interiors dates back to the beginning of the millennium, more precisely to 2021. A few years later, it also started to deal with the realization of terraces and gardens and expanded its activities outside of Prague. The first green wall was created in 2011, followed five years later by moss walls and installations. The expansion also included green facades, atriums and vertical hanging and freestanding columns.

Advantages of live plants in the workplace

Effects on health

Plants act as a natural air purifier and can filter out unwanted substances. 

Better working conditions

Increased productivity and creativity and a positive effect on the psyche. Greenery in the workplace creates a sense of well-being.

Natural acoustic solution
The green walls and columns absorb noise, making them a great companion for open space offices or business centres.

Green walls

The green wall offers the possibility of placing the maximum number of plants in the minimum space. The vertical garden opens the door to endless compositions of different plant types, structures, colours and shapes. They can also be used to create, for example, a company logo. Before turnkey installation, it is necessary to know the dimensions, the connection to the drain, the type of underlying wall and the connection to electricity. The automatic or semi-automatic irrigation is then determined accordingly. The green wall consists of plastic containers with two plants each. These are planted in a hydroponic substrate that does not hold water, does not become waterlogged and does not form mould. It ensures even irrigation with low water consumption. The plastic parts are completely covered immediately after installation. 

Jungle Interiors also provides aftercare. Pruning, checking or replacing plants (which is minimal) guarantees the continued beauty and health of the interior garden. The effective combination of innovative technology and nature is evidenced by the possibility of installing green walls even in spaces without daylight. In this case, they are illuminated by artificial lighting, simulating daylight. The lights are also installed for decorative reasons. They can be placed, for example, in the ceiling or on a moulding. It is advisable to choose LED luminaires with a luminous flux of at least 4000 lumens and a temperature of 4000 K. The spacing and angle of the reflectors are also important. 

Green columns

A single solitaire or group of columns covered with greenery. Green columns are a novelty that is suitable for buildings with high ceilings. Elements up to 18 metres long can then be placed over several floors. They bring uniqueness to hotel lobbies, restaurants and offices. They are easy to install and have zero need for waste or electricity connections. In fact, the system is filled with water using a special trolley that delivers the moisture evenly. The column consists of metre-long cassettes planted with smaller plants that thicken over time to form a liana-like structure. It can be either vertically suspended or stand-alone. Greenery can also be installed around an existing column. It requires conventional maintenance once every few weeks, with regular maintenance twice a year. 

Realisations are the best calling card

Greenery can do wonders for any interior. Reduced stress levels, improved acoustics, cleaner air and above all a trendy effect that cannot be missed in any office or other public building nowadays. Jungle Interiors has already completed many orders all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia and the interest in micro jungles amidst the hectic whirl of big cities is constantly growing. Branches of companies (such as Česká Spořitelna), shopping centres, showrooms, corporate headquarters and private residences enjoy a piece of nature of their own. We also have our own green wall in our showroom Office Wave by Alax in the Corso Karlín building. 

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ILA: Vertical walls and semi-natural trees

Since 1988, the Italian manufacturer ILA has been fulfilling the diverse wishes of its clients and bringing the sublime beauty of nature into buildings without any worries. Lush jungles, vertical gardens and smaller installations made of semi-natural elements adapt to any requirements. Shopping centres, offices, restaurants, hotels and homes will bloom forever under the magic wand of this specialist. ILA will take care of the design and complete installation.

Benefits of semi-natural plants

Endless customised variations

Individual petals and trunks can be stacked together without restriction. The resulting mosaic of elements adapts to the needs and possibilities of individual spaces.

Maintenance free

Thanks to the anti-dust surface, there is no need to take care of the plants. They do not need soil, watering, fertilizing or trimming, saving time.

Great price

Semi-natural greenery saves your wallet. It doesn't need regular maintenance, which usually costs a lot of money.

Semi-natural trees

The combination of carefully selected natural trunk and leaves, flowers and fruits from innovative materials results in beautiful pieces. The trunks are extracted from areas where their removal does not endanger the environment, on the contrary, they are saved from destruction. These sites are supervised by experts and continuously reforested. The longevity of the wood is guaranteed by drying and preservation, which protects it from bacteria and pests. This is followed by craftsmanship and technological processing and the addition of elements according to the client's requirements. Leaves, flowers and fruits are produced on the basis of detailed research by botanical specialists, so their colour, texture and shapes perfectly replicate the living specimen. The permanent tree of your choice can be of any shape and size.

Vertical gardens and indoor jungle

The possibilities of incorporating flora broaden the horizons of all interior designers and architects. Nature is the most beautiful and timeless decoration that brings a lot of joy. ILA offers a huge variety of colourful elements in both semi-natural and artificial forms. With love and passion for the dynamics of nature, they create both small and giant areas filled with lianas, mosses, leaves, shrubs, trees and flowers. Each piece is completely unique and will make any corner feel cosy, regardless of lighting conditions. Vertical gardens have the ability to bring maximum greenery to a minimum area without the need for fertilizers, watering and care. They also have the advantage that no leaves fall from the plants, they do not rot and cannot be attacked by pests.

A new concept of nature across Europe

Greenery must not be absent in any private or public building nowadays. It brings optimism to offices, makes shops and restaurants a more pleasant place and provides a relaxed atmosphere for hotel guests. In addition, it also serves to improve acoustics. ILA has already applied its skills to buildings in Italy, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Innovative indoor gardens are, in short, the eternal music of the future.

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