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Acoustic furniture for noise elimination

ALAX offers you sophisticated acoustic furniture that can create the acoustic comfort needed for undisturbed employee performance and looks great too! You can choose from our catalogue of renowned European brands NARBUTAS, NOTI, BEJOT or CAIMI BREVETTI. Their products, such as the increasingly popular acoustic booths, give you more privacy when you are on the phone, talking or for a short nap. Among other things, they provide excellent soundproofing of ambient sounds when listening to music in headphones thanks to the acoustic panel. Acoustic furniture is suitable for larger offices and open spaces. Thanks to the unique design, acoustic chairs and sofas can be easily overlooked in the interior. You can choose the colour of the upholstery and the base in the case of acoustic chairs and acoustic sofas, or even other features. Do you need help with your choice? We look forward to your visit to our showroom in Prague!

Do you need to get a better overview of our range of acoustic furniture? Try our unique and sophisticated ALAX filter! It clearly sorts the products in the catalogue for you by material, price range, colour, manufacturer and other specifications. We recommend you consult our architect in person about choosing acoustic furniture for your office or open space.

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