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Type (container):
By content (container):
Type (thrascans and ashtrays):
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Design office for your success

Choose in our catalogue design furniture and accessories for your office from first-class European manufacturers such as NARBUTAS, PROFIM, RIM or MDD. They are functional, practical and look so perfect that they immediately catch the eye. And that's half of your success. We offer office furniture for open space, classic offices, but also luxury office furniture for managers. Lamino is the most popular material for office furniture. Its decor often resembles wood and is easy to maintain. You will find many types of wooden office furniture in solid wood or veneer. We also have uxus glass desks suitable for company directors and top managers. Do you need advice on choosing office furniture and accessories? We look forward to seeing you in our showroom in Prague!

Search for office furniture quickly and easily. We have prepared our unique ALAX filter for you! With it, you can conveniently search for office furniture and accessories by colour, material, price range, manufacturer and other specifications. We also recommend that you consult our architect in person about choosing stylish office furniture and accessories.

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