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Children's mattresses, mattresses and bedding for sweet dreams

In this section we offer premium children's mattresses and bed mattresses. You'll also find colourful children's bedding for girls and boys with a variety of themes - from soft girly to racy to dark bedding. Some packs of children's bedding also include a bedspread, pillowcase and decorative pillow. Choose from top European manufacturers such as SOFTLINE, ČILEK or TROPICO. All mattresses that are suitable for children and adapted to their needs. Careful selection of the right mattress and mattress topper is important as children's bodies and spines develop. In addition to this, you also need to focus on choosing the right grate to go with the mattress. We will be happy to advise you in our showroom in Prague Karlín!

Our sophisticated filter will make your search for children's mattresses, mattresses and bedding much faster and easier . It will allow you to select by colour, material, price range, manufacturer and other product specifications. You can also consult our architect in person about your choice of mattress, mattress and bedding.

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