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Quality medical mattresses and mattresses

No bed is complete without a medical mattress and a quality mattress. A comfortable mattress is essential for a good night's sleep, so you shouldn't underestimate their selection. We offer quality health mattresses and mattresses from top European brands such as TROPICO or SOFTLINE. There are spring, latex or foam medical mattresses. It is essential to test the mattress in person, lying on it for at least a few minutes in the positions in which you fall asleep and sleep most of the night. Each person has different needs. It should feel good when you lie down on it, it should adapt to your body. It must not press and your spine must be in one plane. The best way to tell is to lie on your side. The mattress should only sag in the areas where you are pushing on it. The grid evenly distributes the load it takes from the mattress, especially if the mattress is less than 7 cm thick. Its other function is that it wicks moisture away from the mattress, thus preventing the growth of various moulds and mites. We will be happy to help you with your choice right in our showroom in Prague!

Need to speed up the selection of a health mattress or mattress? Use our sophisticated filter! You can easily and conveniently search for mattresses and grates by colour, material, price range, manufacturer and other specifications. Our architect can also personally advise you on the selection of a health mattress or mattress at any time.

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