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Design decorations for public spaces

Decorations complete the atmosphere and set the style. Every interior, even public ones, can be made cosy with carefully selected accessories. A glass or ceramic vase will look great with fresh or artificial flowers, while a modern planter will complement a green room. For special and everyday moments, you can choose flickering candlelight in delicate candle holders. On the windowsill or on the chest of drawers, an original statuette in geometric, floral or animal shapes will do the trick. We offer a wide range of decorative elements from leading European manufacturers. In our extensive catalogue you will find the Italian brand ADRIANI E ROSSI, PLUST, VONDOM and many others. You can even choose between different sizes or colours for some pieces.

A refined filter serves to make your selection convenient and fast . You can specify the colour, material, dimensions, manufacturer or even the price range and your choice will be narrowed down to products according to your preferred parameters. Come to our showroom in Prague's Karlín district. We will put you in touch with our architect, show you swatches or catalogues and you will be able to see some accessories and furniture live. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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