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Quality hospital furniture

Healthcare on a level

Thehospital furniture from the ALAX range is the result of many years of experience in equipping medical workplaces. We offer furniture exclusively from leading manufacturers in Europe. Our offer includes hospital furniture suitable for the room and for transporting immobile patients. You will find here hospital electric and mechanical beds, bedside tables, transport couches, multi-purpose trolleys and many other things that are essential in the healthcare sector.

Alax Doctor medical furniture range

Only the best for healthcare professionals

In the mid-1990s, Alax began to gradually change its strategy and specialisation. Thanks to this new progressive approach, Alax started producing chairs for medical purposes, which until then had been in very short supply. "There was a lack of white chairs on the market that would fit into a medical interior and that were upholstered in leatherette, thus easy to wash and disinfect," explains company director Mgr. Otto Cabala. From the chairs, it was only a short step to the production of other furniture, thus creating the first original ALAXDOKTOR range .

Furniture for medical facilities is usually made of laminate or metal. In our catalogue we offer a wide range of various medical furniture - medical tables, containers or cabinets. All products are carefully sorted into different categories, and you can search for furniture that matches your needs using a sophisticated filter. For some of the medical furniture in our range, you can choose from several colour options. At Alax, in addition to selling modern of medical furniture furniture, we also design it . Do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made offer.

Customized medical furniture

Benefit from our professional care and many years of experience

We offer a complete service. Our architects will design your nurses' station, surgery or office to make doctors, nurses and patients feel as comfortable as possible. We can customize the interior to meet all functional requirements for ease of maintenance and quality workmanship.

Of course, we provide architectural designs, including floor plans and space previews, which allow you to visualize the space vividly. Our in-house architects and designers will also prepare the offer in various combinations, always with the utmost regard for the customer's wishes. After ordering, we will deliver and assemble the medical, medical or hospital furniture.

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