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Quality chairs for 24-hour operation

Quality chairs for 24-hour operation from the renowned Czech brandALBA are made of durable materials. A chair for 24-hour operation must be as durable as possible so that it does not wear out quickly, but it must also be comfortable. These chairs will be used by various dispatching companies and workplaces such as the IZS or security agencies. The 24-hour chair is designed for a daily workload without a break. They are ergonomic and have a synchronous mechanism that promotes proper seating. Do you need advice on choosing a quality chair for continuous operation? Visit us in our showroom in Prague!

Do you know how to choose from a range of chairs for continuous operation immediately? The sophisticated ALAX filter will help you! It instantly sorts search results by material, price range, colour, manufacturer and other specifications. We recommend you consult our architect in person about choosing a chair for 24-hour operation.

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