Our services

We have a tradition and more than 30 years of experience in the design market. Our well-knit team can help you with both the selection of a single chair and the complex creation and implementation of interior design solutions for commercial and residential projects, including fit outs. We also move with the times. We like to draw new inspiration and are open to new opportunities and collaborations, which we establish not only with suppliers, but also with architects and designers. Do not hesitate to contact us with any project.



We will be happy to design your interior. Together with our architects, we will create spaces you will love.


We can also help with construction and technological work prior to the actual installation of interior elements.


We can design and implement your interior. We will provide you with assembly, installation and transport.


We have two showrooms in Prague Karlín. One with office furniture, the other focused mainly on home design.


We boast a wide portfolio of suppliers and foreign products. We currently offer more than 37,000 products.

What can we offer you at Alax?

Fit outs

Some situations require the interior to be structurally prepared prior to renovation. We can take care of that too. If necessary, we will take care of demolition of partitions and floors, painting, tiling, wiring, as well as installation and final cleaning. Our team is made up of experts who can handle every aspect of your project.

In the case of extensive reconstruction, we can also arrange permission from the building authority. Together with you we will discuss your ideas and based on your requirements we will make a proposal and create a quotation.



We're here for you from start to finish. From the initial design through construction work to the assembly of your chosen furniture. We can also take care of transport, removal work or installation. The price of installation depends on the time required, we will always agree in advance on your exact requirements and budget.

With our team of experienced specialists, you can be sure that your furniture will be assembled correctly, safely and efficiently. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Greenery not only for the workplace

The popularity of green elements in private and commercial interiors is constantly growing. A wide range of options is available on the market. With regard to individual preferences, we offer a range of both natural and semi-natural green walls or trees. Living plants bring a range of benefits, from air purification to sound absorption, and the sight of them also gives a calming and optimistic impression. With semi-natural plants, the need for watering, trimming and maintenance is eliminated. In both cases, the design and choice of elements is tailored to the specific needs and character of the space. 


Workshops for specialists in the field

We do not forget about education. We regularly organize free professional trainings for architects and interior designers. All workshops are held in our new showroom Office Wave by Alax in the Corso Karlín building. We focus mainly on acoustics, Narbutas office furniture, the pCON program, the benefits of our Profizona and other topics that will broaden your knowledge. At each workshop, in addition to a good dose of information, you can look forward to refreshments and a small gift.

Our showrooms

Would you like to try out the seat of your choice? Or do you need to choose a specific table colour and would you like to look at swatches and catalogues? Visit one of our two showrooms in Karlin. We can help you choose office furniture and acoustic solutions in the Office Wave by Alax showroom in the Corso Karlín building, which focuses on the Narbutas, Caimi Brevetti, LD Seating and Rim brands. At 2 Urxova Street you will find primarily furniture for residential and commercial spaces and a sample apartment with Novamobili, Saba or Twils furniture.


Our architects

We always want to offer our clients the best. That is why we have joined forces with renowned Czech architects who will take charge of your project. We cooperate with experts in both residential and commercial spaces.