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Medical furniture for healthcare

Do you need to furnish a private practice, a nursing facility or even hospital equipment? There's no easier way than our e-shop, where you can find quality medical furniture from leading manufacturers in Europe neatly in one place. There are specific requirements for medical furniture. It must be functional, flexible, timeless and, above all, easy to maintain to meet the highest standards of cleanliness and sterility. We offer filing cabinets, work tables and cabinets for doctors, examination couches, hospital trolleys, reception furniture, furniture for the elderly, as well as quality furniture for the medical and nursing staff and waiting rooms. Our portfolio includes brands such as NARBUTAS, ADRENALINA, MAYER, CASAMANIA and dozens of others. Do you need help with your choice? Visit our experts directly in our showroom in Prague!

A sophisticated filter will help you navigate through our extensive range of medical furniture . You can easily search for healthcare furniture by colour, material, price range, manufacturer and other specifications. You can also consult our architect in person about your choice of medical furniture.

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