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Quality medical work tables

A high-quality and sufficiently large work table is a must for a doctor with his own practice. We offer several hundred medical work tables made of laminate from leading European manufacturers such as NARBUTAS, INTERIÉR ŘÍČANY or RIM. You can further customize your work table by choosing the colour of the table top or by adding electrification. We offer modular or height adjustable work tables. Please note that you should have at least 60 cm of legroom in height. The height of the medical work table should be between 62 and 82 cm above the ground, depending on your proportions. The average height of a workbench for women is around 65 cm, for men 75 cm. The minimum dimensions of the workbench top are 120 x 80 cm, the optimum dimensions are 160 x 80 cm. We will also be happy to help you with the selection of a medical work table directly in our showroom in Prague!

A sophisticated filter will speed up your selection in the wide range of work tables for doctors. It will help you search for results by colour, manufacturer, price, material and other specifications you specify. You can also consult our architect in person about the selection of a workbench for doctors.

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