Architectural designs

Why cooperate with us?

Professionals in the field

We have been on the market for more than 30 years and have experience in providing comprehensive services in the creation and implementation of interior solutions.

Time and financial savings

Thanks to the solution of a complex project, we are in control of the individual phases of the project and the overall budget, and we try to find the best suitable solutions.

All in one place
Communication takes place directly with us, you don't have to deal with dozens of different suppliers.

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We will design spaces according to your ideas

Offices, hotels, restaurants, schools, medical facilities and your home. At Alax, we can deal with all types of premises. We take care of everything, from creating a design to construction and implementation, including furnishing and decorations. This will save you time and money.

How does the collaboration work?


Before we start working together, we need to meet together and formulate the terms of reference. In order to design your project well, we need to know what kind of project you are interested in and other important information.

To prepare a quotation and set a time schedule, we usually also need construction documents. This phase also sometimes includes a site visit to get a better idea of the project. Based on all the information gathered, we define key objectives and set a basic budget.

Architectural study

The first step for the project is an architectural study. This serves to define the basic concept, morphology, layout and operational design, materials, dimensions and parameters of the project. The study is thus a kind of guide and a key element of the entire project.

At the end of this step, we will provide you with input documents for the next stage of documentation, i.e. sample situation drawings, floor plans, views, sections or design visualization. Together, we then consult with you on the initial design, modify it and, once approved, move on to the next stage.

Interior project

The interior design project aims to precisely define the final form of the rooms. Our architects will design and prepare the layout of the interior, its arrangement and, if necessary, atypical customized furniture. 

The output are final visualizations of individual rooms (in case we design the whole apartment with you), sections, floor plans or drawings of all elements, including defining materials, lighting solutions and placement of individual elements.

Implementation documentation

As part of the implementation documentation, we will draw the interior elements in detail and specify all its components. We define the materials and surfaces for floors, walls or ceilings, furniture and its placement within the layout, lighting, sanitary ware, instrumentation, colour scheme or end accessories. It is recommended that the interior design is prepared prior to commencement of the detailed design of the building as it will provide a clear idea of the interior finishes, particularly in relation to electrical and HVAC design. A schedule of quantities and a preliminary blind budget can also be prepared for this documentation. 

What's next?

At Alax, we can handle the delivery of furniture, accessories and decorations as well as fit outs, including building work, wiring and installation of new floors, windows and doors. For all items, whether atypical or from our partner brands' portfolios, we provide transport and installation. We will take your project from design and manufacture to implementation. 

Contact us, we will be glad to help you