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Design beds NOCTIS Luxury for a comfortable sleep This is the Noctis bed: from the initial design proposal to delivery to the customer, Noctis prides itself on bringing...

Comfortable bed LEONTE

For the perfect rest

The subtle look of the LEONTE bed combines retro and postmodern elements in a balanced way. It offers endless possibilities for combinations of materials, colours and accessories. The upholstery can be selected from a wide range of fabrics and leathers. The curved headboard is textured but can be ordered smooth on request. In the case of the leather version, there are vertical seams on the headboard. The legs are available in several designs. This model can be enriched with drawers with several accessory options (charger, organizers), handles, bedside tables or even lighting. In your bedroom, you will then be able to enjoy your rest exactly as you wish.

Italian beds are made for the Mediterranean style of bedding, so if you use a standard mattress, you will have a gap of about 1.5 centimetres at the edges of the bed. Contact our specialists to help you choose the right size mattress.

How to arrange your bedroom?

If you don't get a good night's sleep, you're likely to be frazzled and not very productive during the day. To make sure this doesn't happen to you, we've put together a short video. In it, we'll give you tips on how to set up your bedroom so you can sleep like a dream. We focus not only on the choice of bed and mattress, but also on the choice of blackout, lighting, suitable colours and small furniture.

Bed sizes (for mattress sizes)

Beds are available in sizes 187 x 2300 cm (140 x 200 cm), 207 x 2300 cm (160 x 200 cm) and 227 x 230 cm (180 x 200 cm). The following mattress sizes are available on request: 90 x 190 cm, 90 x 200 cm 120 x 190 cm, 120 x 200 cm, 140 x 190 cm, 150 x 190 cm, 150 x 200 cm, 153 x 203 cm, 160 x 190 cm, 193 x 203 cm

Mattresses, mattresses and upholstery

The bed is supplied with a grate (= metal frame and wooden slats).

Bed legs

Polypropylene ( height 110 mm)
Metal (height 110 mm, 140 mm) - on request

When changing the footboard, the overall height of the bed will change. Metal feet can also be ordered in Pantone colours.

Sweet dreams with Noctis

Maximum comfort and unmistakable design, that's what Noctis brings to your bedroom. The patented beds are made in the Marche region of Italy, which is renowned for its traditional craftsmanship. Noctis brings innovative technology, a full range of shapes and colours, and a passion for aesthetics and detail to the production process. So furnish your chambers with a bed that will provide quality rest and look stylish to boot.

Extend the life of your furniture

We want your furniture to last as long as possible. Because we know that proper maintenance plays an important role in its durability, we have prepared some tips and recommendations on how to care for different types of surfaces and what to avoid >> furniture care

New design magazine

Are you looking for inspiration for your new home and need advice on how to choose a chair, table, bed or even a mattress? Or are you interested in housing trends and always want the latest information. Then follow our online Alaxmag magazinewhere you'll find a fresh dose of inspiration every day.

Technical specifications
Width 1870 / 2070 / 2270
Depth 2300
Overall height 1160
Packaging 1
Guarantee 24
Removable cover Yes
Technical specifications
Width 1870 / 2070 / 2270
Depth 2300
Overall height 1160
Packaging 1
Guarantee 24
Removable cover Yes
Do you have a showroom where we could view your products?

Yes, we have exactly two. You can come and see Urxova Street in Prague's Karlín, where a modernly equipped model apartment is waiting for you. Here you can get inspiration mainly for home furnishings. If your goal is more office equipment, visit a few blocks further. In the Corso Karlín building, you will find an innovative work corner (especially from the Narbutas brand) as well as individual pieces to try on. You can come on weekdays without an appointment. Would you like to consult your selection? Then don't hesitate to make an appointment in advance so that we can devote ourselves fully to you.

How can I cancel an order?

If you have not yet paid the deposit, please send us an email to and we will cancel the order. If you have already paid the deposit, but the order has not yet been put into production, we will issue you a credit note when the order is cancelled. Unfortunately, if the goods are already in production, they cannot be cancelled.

How can I claim goods?

If you wish to complain about the purchased goods, send us an email to with a description of the defect, including reference photos.

Where can I find the invoice for the order?

After paying for the order, you will receive an automatic email with an invoice. Don't forget to check your spam folder, sometimes mail gets lost there. If the invoice is not there either, write to us at We will resend it to you immediately.

How do I find out the delivery date?

Availability varies with individual manufacturers. You can always find it with a specific product, but the delivery time is only indicative. Our specialists will inform you about the exact date of delivery.

What is the length of the warranty?

The minimum warranty period for all products is 2 years. Information on the warranty period can be found with individual products. It is located in the circle next to the product photo or in the techinfo tab. Some companies offer an extended warranty. Some office chairs are guaranteed for 5 years, pieces from the Narbutas brand even for 10 years.

Is it possible to pick up the order in person?

Yes, the order can be picked up in our Prague warehouse at U Továren 999/31B, 102 00 Prague 15 - Hostivař. When making a purchase, just select the Pickup from stock option in the cart when choosing shipping. We will inform you about the pick-up date in good time.

What payment methods do you accept?

When paying in the showroom, we accept payment by card, cash or bank transfer with a maturity of 3 days. When purchasing online, payment by card takes place via the payment gateway.

Is it possible to order fewer pieces than stated in the minimum order quantity?

Since the minimum number of pieces of goods is given by the manufacturer, who sets them for packaging and transport, this is not possible. On the contrary, for a higher volume, individual arrangements can be made.

Can I borrow fabric samples and other materials somewhere?

Yes, we will show you samples of fabrics and other materials in our two showrooms, in the Corso Karlín building and in Urxova Street. We will also be happy to help you choose, and if you need to think things over in the comfort of your own home, we will lend you samples for a predetermined amount. After agreement, we can send you the samples by post to the address.

Can I return the goods?

All products offered on the website, which we or our suppliers do not have in stock (these are products with a delivery period longer than 14 days), are always manufactured at the request and according to the specifications of a specific client. A product that is not in stock and was manufactured according to the customer's wishes and for his person does not entitle the consumer to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason. Therefore, these products can only be returned due to poor quality.

Do I always have to pay a deposit for an order?

Yes, as it is a custom production, a deposit is always required. An exception can only be granted for state institutions or in special cases.

How should I take care of the purchased product?

With proper care, you can greatly extend the life of the product. How to take care of the products properly can be found here:

Where can I find the parameters of individual products?

All information can be found on the product page in the Techinfo tab or in the label. You can then download technical sheets, catalogs or other necessary documents in the Downloads folder. If we are missing any information about the products, do not hesitate to contact us at

What form of transport do you offer?

We offer various transport options. You can choose personal collection at a warehouse in Prague's Hostivař, transport within the Czech Republic without handling and installation, transport with revenue or transport including assembly, which is priced individually.

How much will shipping cost me?

According to the parameters of the specific purchased product, you will see the shipping price in the cart. These prices apply to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For orders abroad, the shipping price is determined individually.

Is it necessary to pay extra for installation?

For most smaller products and office chairs, assembly is simple and you can do it yourself. More skilled people can assemble even larger office furniture, assembly instructions are available for each product. If you are missing the manual, we will send it to you upon request. For complex and large pieces of furniture and equipment, we recommend ordering professional assembly.

What should I do if I want to order a larger quantity of products?

You can buy the products yourself via our e-shop. In case of ordering a larger quantity, do not hesitate to contact us at We will prepare an individual specification for you.

What is the load capacity of the chairs?

Most of the chairs in our portfolio have a maximum load capacity of 120 kg. If you need a chair with a higher load capacity, contact us at