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Saba is an Italian company founded in 1988. The brand focuses on the production of furniture for home interiors and is famous for its supremely comfortable sofas, quality armchairs, but also beds, chairs, tables and other furniture that stands out for its extraordinary design and at the same time meets current ergonomic and technical standards. Saba furniture is made from first-class materials that are further processed using modern design processes, which always leave room for innovation and experimentation. The final product then combines unparalleled expert craftsmanship with high precision machinery that guarantees accuracy, optimisation and control at every stage of production. All Saba collections have a unique character and bring comfort and relaxation to your home thanks to their ergonomic design and high quality materials. In addition, Saba offers a wide selection of finishes, and thanks to its large and sophisticated collection of fabrics, you can customize most products to suit your interior style and color needs. We have compiled the most interesting products in this article.

Brand philosophy

The whole concept of the brand is based on the desire to experiment, this is reflected in the choice of materials, workmanship and the production itself. Production from A to Z is of course carried out with constant attention to quality and ergonomics. Saba believes that design products should not only be technically excellent, but above all they should respond to real customer needs. It therefore strives to offer aesthetic products that are able to evoke emotions in their users.

Design and style on behalf of Saba

In order to ensure adequate optimization and control at every stage of production, Saba uses high-precision machinery in its production. However, the process would not be possible without the experience of skilled craftsmen who still form the core of the entire production process. As already pointed out, the selection of quality materials is the basis of every project. What sets the Saba brand apart from other manufacturers is its unmistakable style. Saba is not afraid to combine unconventional shapes with original colours, materials and fabrics, giving each collection its own distinctive design.

Bespoke furniture

Saba offers a wide range of products in different styles. Most of them can be further customised in colour or by choosing the right finish or fabric. You can enhance your designer furniture with elegant upholstery, for example. The furniture then takes on a completely different dimension under your hands. You are the final designer. Thanks to this approach, every customer can get their own very personal model. The Saba brand is based on functional, modern design, but above all it wants to turn ordinary spaces into homes.

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By placement (room dividers):
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Cutting-edge design
Modular sofa set Pixel PatchworkModular sofa set Pixel Patchwork
Free shipping
Cutting-edge design
Chair GeoChair Geo

Chair Geo

SABA65 144 CZK
Free shipping
Cutting-edge design
Modular sofa New York SuiteModular sofa New York Suite

Modular sofa New York Suite

SABAfrom 82 177 CZK
Free shipping
Cutting-edge design
Armchair New York BergèreArmchair New York Bergère
Free shipping
Cutting-edge design
Oltremare armchairOltremare armchair

Oltremare armchair

SABA78 842 CZK
Free shipping
Fleur armchairFleur armchair

Fleur armchair

SABA40 334 CZK
Free shipping
Cutting-edge design
Oltremare sofaOltremare sofa

Oltremare sofa

SABA128 992 CZK
Free shipping
Cutting-edge design
Kepi Poltrona armchair with wooden baseKepi Poltrona armchair with wooden base
Free shipping
Cutting-edge design
Kepi sofaKepi sofa

Kepi sofa

SABA76 955 CZK
Free shipping
Cutting-edge design
Baby Geo ChairBaby Geo Chair

Baby Geo Chair

SABA44 361 CZK
Free shipping
Cutting-edge design
Double sofa PhiloDouble sofa Philo

Double sofa Philo

SABA70 411 CZK
Free shipping
Modular sofa My TaosModular sofa My Taos

Modular sofa My Taos

SABAfrom 52 604 CZK
Free shipping
Cutting-edge design
New York ArmchairNew York Armchair

New York Armchair

SABA37 880 CZK
Free shipping
Cutting-edge design
Geo sofaGeo sofa

Geo sofa

SABA93 819 CZK
Free shipping
Cutting-edge design
Modular sofa Limes NewModular sofa Limes New

Modular sofa Limes New

SABAfrom 43 354 CZK
Free shipping
Cutting-edge design
Philo armchairPhilo armchair

Philo armchair

SABA51 974 CZK
Free shipping
Cutting-edge design
Modular sofa set Avant-AprèsModular sofa set Avant-Après

Modular sofa set Avant-Après

SABAfrom 47 696 CZK
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